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re: App: Vassive

The application submitted by Vassive is as follows:

Character name::

Current Realm::
This one


Class/Spec/Off Spec:
Monk/all of them


Armory Link:: (it sucks)

If you're applying for a casual or flex spot, you can put N/A for these next questions

Our raid times in Warlords of Draenor will be Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8-11PM EST (6-9PM Server). Will you be able to make those times?:

Do you have any obligations during the week that will prevent you from making raids? (School, work, family):
As long as you dont reschedule them no.

Please go into great detail about your raid experience::
I raided with bad kids. Wanted to raid with good kids. Started raiding with good kids (Availed-Anvilmar) in the first tier Cata as a tank.. when being a good tank meant something... and I forget where our 10 man kills were ranked but we weren't shit heads... I think theyre still decent? Not really sure.

Please describe and go into detail about your class and your specific rotation (AoE, pre-pull, single target):
Brewmaster: beer, palm (keep buff), blackout kick (dat shuffle), whatever I feel like
Windwalker: Jab, palm (keep buff), RSK, FoF, Dat Chi dot doe, fireworks

Link a screenshot of your UI::

Links of current logs (no older than a month preferably)::

How would you feel about getting sat? In a 20m setting player rotation is necessary.:
If its necessary for the raid content for progression... nbd

Please list what addons you use and why they're indispensable to your gameplay :
Ovale .. it makes me good apparently.

What makes a great raider?:
Showing up
Not standing in fire
Do what youre told
Do youre own damn research
Bring your own damn consumables
Dont die to the same thing more than once

What can you bring to Vices that you think is unique?:
Dat cuteness

Tell us about yourself. Help us get to know you!:
Former United States Marine, Really Cute, College Student (Economics and Stats), I deliver people sandwhiches for money

Outside of games, what do you like to do for fun?:
Gym, hookah, women. In that order.

How did you hear about Vices?:
Dat baltaz kid

Doth thou hoist, brethren?:

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