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re: App: Caicedo

The application submitted by Caicedo is as follows:

Character name::

Current Realm::


Class/Spec/Off Spec:


Armory Link::

If you're applying for a casual or flex spot, you can put N/A for these next questions

Our raid times in Warlords of Draenor will be Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8-11PM EST (6-9PM Server). Will you be able to make those times?:
Yes, I can raid even extra days.

Do you have any obligations during the week that will prevent you from making raids? (School, work, family):
No, I work until 5

Please go into great detail about your raid experience::
I started playing WoW since Molten Core, around 2006 in realm US-Cenarius. I've been raiding since then completing Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Naxxramas, Icecrown and so on. Became a hardcore raider in Cataclysm after co-founding my own guild with my brother in US-Quel'thalas. At one point we were #2 in the realm killing Nefarian 2nd by a matter of minutes. As a co-gm I learned a lot about all aspects of a raid, tanking, DPS and healing. I used a Priest for which I was constantly switching from Disc to Shadow depending on the encounter requirements. Also leveled a druid Moonkin just for the sake of heavy aoe fights. All in all, I consider myself a dedicated raider and an asset as a core raider. At the moment, my main character is the warrior. This was my first class and I'm very comfortable with it. Right now I cleared 7/7 heroic Highmaul (with pugs), and 5/7H BRF (with pugs too). I did not play Pandaria and returned for WoD, that's why I have pugged only so far. I didn't play Pandaria because I was in College, and I didn't like the expansion, but now I find myself with more than enough free time to play, and I like to do it hardcore with a group of great players.

Please describe and go into detail about your class and your specific rotation (AoE, pre-pull, single target):
Depending on the encounter I would switch from Arms to Fury. For most fights in BRF I would be Arms because it has stronger AOE and cleave, while Fury is slightly better at Single Target. For pre-pulls I prepot and use a macro with my Scabbard of Kyanos trinket along with Recklessness and Bloodbath (unless I take Bladestorm for aoe encounters) for a high initial burst. As Arms I have to use Mortal Strike on CD, keep Rend 100% uptime (refresing only 5 seconds before it expires), and try to pool rage before Colossus Smash in order to spam abilities during its 6 sec duration. As Fury I have to keep 100% uptime on Enrage by spamming Bloodthirst on CD, dumping rage with Wild Strike, and using Raging Blow constantly.

For AOE I use Ravager with Bladestorm as Arms, preferably with my Scabbard of Kyanos. If targets have high HP I will dot all of them with rend (like in Operator).

Link a screenshot of your UI::

Links of current logs (no older than a month preferably)::

How would you feel about getting sat? In a 20m setting player rotation is necessary.:
If it's the best for the group I have no problems with it. I'll give my very best to be needed every encounter.

Please list what addons you use and why they're indispensable to your gameplay :
I use Skada because I need to know how I'm performing at all times. It allows me to compare my damage distribution (per ability) with other warriors and my buff uptimes (like Enrage).
DBM - Helps with timers, raid warnings for important events in any encounter, and warnings of incoming damage.
Bartender - Let's me keep my UI clean to focus in the encounter and my performance.
Weakauras - As Fury it eases my rotation by displaying my Execute procs, time left on Enrage, and Wild Strike procs.
TidyPlates - Shows my Rend DOT on multiple targets on their healthbar without targetting them. It is crucial for me since I need to keep 100% uptime on multiple targets.
OmniCC - Displays cooldown timers on spell tooltips. Useful to not miss a second on activating CDs or combine CDs for higher DPS.

What makes a great raider?:
A great raider:
1. Prepares well in advance for encounters by studying them in Youtube, the overall strategy and also their class POV.
2. Knows his class very well (rotation, offensive and defensive CDs) in order to make the best use of his abilities, both offensively and defensively. By that I mean too using CDs at the right times depending on the encounter.
3. Is constantly learning his class to make small improvements constantly. By making small improvements all the time it all adds up in the end as a huge improvement.
4. Puts the raid's interest first ahead of his own. That means passing loot to the main tank or the healers too.
5. Persists during progression time, does not lose motivation when wiping, and keeps a positive mindset.
6. 100% attendance, punctuality, and commitment.
7. Is loyal to the guild and the guildmates.
8. Looks to improve his game and his gear at all times, not only when raiding with the guild.

What can you bring to Vices that you think is unique?:
A highly dedicated and loyal raider that can become an asset for a long time.

Tell us about yourself. Help us get to know you!:
I'm 24 years old, South American living in New York. Studied Intl' Business and now working for many pharmacies. I got into WoW with my brother and high school friends and I play with them until today, but they cannot raid due to their schedule.

Outside of games, what do you like to do for fun?:
When it's not winter I play soccer with college friends, or just hang out at bars with the buds.

How did you hear about Vices?:

Doth thou hoist, brethren?:
Can lift my mouse..


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re: DECLINED - App: Caicedo - by Vxt


Hey Caicedo for the app. Unfortunately with your gear and parses, we're going to pass on your application. Good luck in your search for a guild!

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