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re: App: Stryck-kt

The application submitted by Stryck-kt is as follows:

Character name::

Current Realm::


Class/Spec/Off Spec:


Armory Link::

If you're applying for a casual or flex spot, you can put N/A for these next questions

Our raid times in Warlords of Draenor will be Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8-11PM EST (6-9PM Server). Will you be able to make those times?:

Do you have any obligations during the week that will prevent you from making raids? (School, work, family):
No, I do have work but not on those days.

Please go into great detail about your raid experience::

WOD: 2/7M HM ; 8/10H BRF

MOP: Didn't play much during MOP as I didn't really care for the expansion.

Cataclysm: Co-Raid lead a Cata progression group (on a different toon). 7/7 Heroic

Wrath: First started here in Wrath. I wasn't raiding at the time since I was leveling/learning the game.

Burning Crusade: None

Vanilla: None

Please describe and go into detail about your class and your specific rotation (AoE, pre-pull, single target):
For arcane I put down my rune of power, then press my macro which does arcane power, shards of nothing trinket, presence of mind, and pre-pot. I then place down my prismatic crystal and cast 2 supernova's, then spam arcane blast until the crystal is gone. I then quickly evocate (if needed) and dump my arcane missiles while having 4 stacks of arcane power. I then cast arcane barrage to dump my arcane power stacks and then transition into my sustain phase where I cast 4 arcane blasts, then arcane missiles. Rine and repeat. This rotation also works for aoe, but sometimes I will cast arcane explosion instead of arcane blast on the crystal.

Link a screenshot of your UI::

Links of current logs (no older than a month preferably)::,d=0 ;,d=0

How would you feel about getting sat? In a 20m setting player rotation is necessary.:
I feel that it is fair so long as the raid group progresses.

Please list what addons you use and why they're indispensable to your gameplay :
DBM - Pretty much a necessity for any raider
Recount - something to look at whilst failing crucial mechanics
Skada (for healing) - to see if im being healed
Scrolling battle text - looks nice

What makes a great raider?:
A great raider is able to bring their A-game. By A-game I mean bringing their knowledge of fights/mechanics to better help progress the raid team. Being on time to raids, and by on time I mean atleast 20 minutes before raid starts (with your bonus rolls!). A great raider should also have all gear maximized to their abililty with the BIS gems/enchants/etc. A great raider will also research fights before hand to make sure they are able to output the maximum numbers for a certain encounter. They should also be prepared to be sat down for certain fights for the betterment of the progression group.

What can you bring to Vices that you think is unique?:
Reliability, Hilarity, Mechanic Knowledge

Tell us about yourself. Help us get to know you!:
My name is David. I am a 20 year old that works at a restaurant part time (gotta be able to pay for WoW subscription somehow!), and is pursuing motion design as a long term career. I enjoy being a part of a core progression, whilst also joking around and having fun. As silly of a guy as I am, I always take raiding seriously in the utmost regard.

Outside of games, what do you like to do for fun?:
I like to go out with friends and have a great time.

How did you hear about Vices?:
WoW Forums

Doth thou hoist, brethren?:
I was hoping you guys could hoist me

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re: DECLINED - App: Stryck-kt - by Sonance/Falc



Looking at these logs from March 3rd, you never parsed above the 35th percentile for your item level. You only played Arcane, even for cleave and AOE fights. You didn't do at least 30k dps single target in 683 item level. I would suggest checking out and the Mage guides over at MMO-champion. Also, going through logs of Mages in similar item level on fights with comparable kill times will give you a good idea of where you need to improve. Good luck in your guild search.

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