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re: App: Toast_Myrite

The application submitted by Toast_Myrite is as follows:

Character name::

Current Realm::


Class/Spec/Off Spec:
Hunter BM/BMsolo


Armory Link::

If you're applying for a casual or flex spot, you can put N/A for these next questions

Our raid times in Warlords of Draenor will be Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8-11PM EST (6-9PM Server). Will you be able to make those times?:

Do you have any obligations during the week that will prevent you from making raids? (School, work, family):
Family could pop up but unlikely

Please go into great detail about your raid experience::
Was a Heroic raider in WoTLK quit playing after came back about 3 months ago, ran a raid with you guys last week and loved the group.

Please describe and go into detail about your class and your specific rotation (AoE, pre-pull, single target):
Well we dont have retation, priority system, multi-target (3+) BW>KS>KC>MS>SS(to maintain focus) and AS if you have excess focus and the MS buff hasnt dropped off my pet.
Single target BW>KS>KC>SS>AS
Boss level mob BW>Stampede>KS>KC>AS

Link a screenshot of your UI::
default UI until I get a new laptop

Links of current logs (no older than a month preferably)::
logs of what?

How would you feel about getting sat? In a 20m setting player rotation is necessary.:
I'd wreck shit and drop bombs, sounds fine to me though, a hunter isn't always the best choice for every fight in the world.

Please list what addons you use and why they're indispensable to your gameplay :
DBM, because it's DBM.
Spellflash, take most of the thought out of when to use Focus fire, allowing me to focus on the raid and normal priority.
WIM, to seperate chats.
Masterplan, because im lazy with my garrison.
Mogit, vanity is a bitch.
Treasure map addon, finding rares to help people get ilvl 620's when needed and sped leveling of alts.

What makes a great raider?:
I generally don't stand in fire, pathsof trains, on bombs, in green shit, slime sludge ect. I understand that knowing the raid mechanics > dps, I'm funt o raid with and follow directions very well, I'm also a fast learner, so with 1-2 wipes (on new progression) I'm quick to see what happened and avoid it myself, as well as help others do the same.

What can you bring to Vices that you think is unique?:
Me... There is only 1 of me.

Tell us about yourself. Help us get to know you!:
Been playing MMO's for a while, use to play one called Dofus, was a turn based MMO which was cool, very unique and strategic. Tried WoW out and loved it, so it's what i play when on an MMO, engaged to an awesome woman, shes a middles chool teacher so most of the time she has papers to grade, my goal in WOW is when/if timewalker raids coem into the game, SMASH THE FUCK out of BT because it's legit.

Outside of games, what do you like to do for fun?:
I do a lot of nature walks, drink, work and game, my life is pretty standard.

How did you hear about Vices?:
Ran a pug with you guys.

Doth thou hoist, brethren?:
i may from timeth to timeth

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